We are a publishing house devoted to the production of innovative musical and musicological bibliography in Spanish, and with maximum editorial and scientific quality.


We work towards:

● Widening and diversifying the Spanish-language bibliography on music and musicology;

● Promoting the publication of works that approach the phenomenon of music from innovative perspectives;

●Offering publications with the highest scientific and editorial quality at affordable prices;

● Providing personal, direct, and equal treatment to authors of all genders, limiting the involvement of intermediaries;

● Boosting the use of inclusive writing in musicological publications, independently of their subjects.



We believe that diversity is an essential element in the development of knowledge. We define diversity as breadth of opinion and perspective, the possibility of debate. Diversity creates the necessary dynamism for knowledge in current times. For this reason, we aim to promote it by covering themes and focuses that rarely arise in musical bibliography in Spanish, and which will be dealt with by male and female authors with their roots in the most diverse contexts.


Innovation is one of the main pillars of Musikeon Books. Our aim is to publish texts that pose challenges to hitherto-accepted convictions, works that involve a stimulus towards transformation. We do not, however, consider innovation to be a linear and unidirectional process. More than a future objective, we believe that innovation is an impetus for changing the past and the present.


The quality of publications always comes first for us. Our editions are made by applying maximum quality in design, both in covers and inside pages. Editorial checking and the indices of our publications are carried out by musicologists, guaranteeing that we meet the expectations of specialist readers.


The generation of knowledge is not unconnected with political matters. Neither are printed publications. At Musikeon Books, we are very aware of the implications that books have in daily life, and we try to act accordingly. We seek coherence in both the writing and the subjects chosen in our books, as well as the angles taken in dealing with those subjects. Books are as much the creators of reality as actions, and for this reason they must be founded on critical awareness.